The Twisted Sifter

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Welcome to The Twisted Sifter…………….. December 27, 2008

Welcome.  My name is Pam Birt and I’m the Sugar Architect for The Twisted Sifter Cake and Catering biz.

The business was conceived from my love of being creative and cooking.  I really hadn’t put much thought into a cake and catering business even though I was baking and cooking like a mad person for my friends and family.  It was after I assisted a friend on his catering assignment and received a compliment from Lino Tagliapietra, a famous Italian glassblower that has traveled and eaten all over the world, that I decided that I needed to pursure my passion beyond an occasional dish to take to a party or cake here and there. So became “The Twisted Sifter”.


2 Responses to “Welcome to The Twisted Sifter……………..”

  1. Kathy Bowers Says:

    I have to admit, the cake you made for a mutual friend’s birthday this past November was absolutly “to die for”! Punn intended. Not only was it truly delicious, but the attention to every detail in the decoration was impecable!

  2. Connie Pratt Says:

    Pam: Congrats on your new business with your long standing passion. Best of luck…………Your OLD neighbor……….Connie

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