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The Twisted Sifter Cake Shoppe – 859-238-9393 February 17, 2009

Best Cakes in Central Kentucky – Guaranteed!!!!

Are you looking for the best tasting wedding, birthday or event cake you’ve ever had? You’ll be glad you selected our blog.

If you’re in Lexington, Louisville, Danville, Nicholasville or somewhere in between, you can have the most creative, most delicious cake on earth for your event.

Trust me – your guests will be asking “where did they get the cake”.

The Twisted Sifter Cake Shoppe offers fine, fancy and fun custom cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. Elegant to whimsical wedding cakes, fun bridal or baby shower cakes, feisty bachelorette and bachelor party cakes, birthday wish cakes, sentimental anniversary cakes, holiday or any special event cakes.  Wait! You don’t have a special occasion any time soon………………Make one up!

It is our privilege to provide you with a beautifully designed, spectacularly flavorful and an exquisitely moist cake. We use the freshest ingredients available. Organic eggs, real butter and fresh, locally grown fruit, when available.

Our cakes are never pre-baked, weeks ahead and frozen. The icings, fillings and fondant are all made from scratch and fresh for your cake. We believe in quality for our customers.

“Pam’s cakes are works of art. Creative, imaginative and impeccably executed. It would be wonderful if they tasted as good as they looked. Well, surprise – they do! Tasteful design in a tasty cake – it doesn’t get any better!” Bob Stovall – Danville, KY

Call today  (859) 238-9393

128 Church Street

Danville, KY  40422


32 Responses to “The Twisted Sifter Cake Shoppe – 859-238-9393”

  1. Donna Yaste Says:

    I am trying to find the perfect cake for my daughter’s sweet 16. Could you please send me some pics. along with prices.

  2. Hi Donna,

    I would love to design a cake for your daughter’s 16th. I do have a few questions to ask before I can price a cake. How many people will it need to serve? Do you want a sheet cake, 2 layer round or square cake or is it a tiered cake? Buttercream or fondant icing? What flavors for cake and icing? If she has a favorite cake that isn’t on my list, just request it. Do you have any ideas for decoration? She’s going to be 16…………….what are her hobbies? Sports? Does she collect anything in particular? Favorite colors? Would she like funky and fun or something more traditional? Polka dots are huge right now. Please call me so we can talk over the above questions that way I can price the cake accordingly. (859) 285-0306. All of my pictures are here on the blog. If you click on “pictures” you will see a variety of cakes.

    I look forward to talking with you.


  3. Wendy Says:

    I got a chance to see the TwistedSifter cake at the Lexington Children’s Theater birthday bash this past weekend at Joseph Beth. The theme for the cake was The WIzard of Oz and it was AMAZING! It was definitely a one-of-a kind cake and truly a work of art. Not only did the cake look amazing, my girls and I were able to sample the lemon cake. It was moist and delicious! We loved being able to view your art, and even sample a piece of it. Thank you for the experience Twisted Sifter!

  4. a taylor Says:

    I am so happy to see your website.Please inform me as to where your classes are held.I am in my seventies and do not like the curves to Perryville from Harrodsburg.If you ever have classes in Danville ,I would be most interested.

  5. Hi,

    I am in the process or working out a schedule to offer classes through community services. As soon as that is finalized I’ll have it posted on my blog.

  6. S.Sid Says:

    Hi, i am very much impressed with the ferrari cake you made fr a customer. I am looking for a same kind of cake for my husband’s bday which is a mnth from now. Can you tell me how much will it cost for a ferrari cake , probably 10-12 people serving? In addition, i also wanted to know about the delivery charges. I will be in NEw york or Boston for his bday. Plaese let me know asap.

  7. Amy Raney Says:

    Hey Pam! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing such an AWSOME job on Miley’s “cow cake” for her 1st birthday! EVERYBODY LOVED IT!!! You are so talented and creative! It was everything I’d hoped it would be and more–it tasted unbelievable!! If I could find you on facebook, I’d become an “instant fan”!!! I couldn’t wait to post pictures of it and I’ve already recieved comments from people wanting to get their cake done by you! You’ll be hearing from us again for future birthdays (we have 3 girls)! Thanks again!!!
    Amy Raney

  8. jack Says:

    Can you send me your marshmellow fondant formula.
    How long should I let it sit out before I cover my cake.
    Can I use the fondant to make flowers and figures with it. Do you have any videos I can purchase. When I took my baking royal icing was the in thing. I find that rolled fondant is really awesome to work with. The bakery I work at is getting into it more and more. I will look forward to your email. Thank you from Jack in Canada.

  9. Brenda Huff Says:

    Hi Pam. Thanks for the great video re marshmallow fondant. I used the kitchen aid to knead the fondant and now the texture is crumbly. Is this error correctable? Thanks for any advise and your help.

  10. Hi Brenda,

    If the fondant doesn’t mix well in the kitchen aide then pour it out onto the counter top, including all that is stuck to the bottom of the bowl and knead it together. That should correct the consistancy.

  11. Suzanna Says:

    I am very interested in classes especially relating to fondant. Your work is beautiful and I’m planning a trip to Danville just to see your shop!

  12. Barbara Says:

    I loved your video on Marshmellow Fondant. I want to make a cake using colored strips out of fondant. Do I ice the whole cake with fondant first and then put the colored strips of fondant on top of that. What do you suggest? Thanks so much.
    My little cousin want a Fancy Nancy Cake. I wanted to do the bottom layer in stripes and the top layer in poka dots. Help me please.

  13. Hi Barbara,

    Yes, ice the cake first.

  14. Sara Says:

    Hello, my name is Sara Phillips! I was wondering if you ship your cakes? My daughter’s birthday is August 2nd and she LOVES the Wizard of Oz! I live in Maine and it’s so hard to find anyone around here with your capability. I reviewed your pics of your Wizard of Oz cake and it’s AMAZING! I know I’m probably asking the impossible, but for my daughter, I would atleast try. Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you soon!


  15. Amy Murphy Says:

    I’ve watched your YouToub video on how to make MMF and have made it many many times, love it and it has always tured out great even when colored. However the last few time when I’ve tried to make black and dark green it was a disaster! It crumbled, cracked, broke apart, stuck to the roller. I had to through it away. Made another batch same thing.I wouked it and wouked it, added more crisco…. it was horrible. Can you please help me with my problem.

  16. Hi,

    Yes, making dark colored fondant can be a nightmare. The more color you add to it the worse it will become. Color the white fondant with a brown or dark blue first then add the black. When you do this you can use less food coloring.



  17. Anabella Says:

    Hi There! Love your work 🙂 I’ve always purchased ready to roll fondant but wanted to try you MMF recipe. When you are ready to use it, do you need to use more powdered sugar, or does it roll out fairly easily without it?
    thanks so much!

  18. I never try the MMF in my cakes before I know it taste better but I heard is very difficult to make it and also to smooth it over the cake.
    Love all your designs!!

  19. Victoria Says:

    Hi Pam, I’m 19 and really want to go into the cake business. I plan on going to school to be a Pastry Chef, but I have done some small things with cupcakes. I love your work, I actually use your marshmallow fondant recipe; it was so good. 😀 I was just wondering if you had any advice to give to me. I am so excited, but nervous at the same time. I just wondered how you got your start and everything, because your work is amazing.
    Thanks so much.

  20. Michelle Says:

    Hi Pam. I wanted thank you for putting the video of how to make marshmallow fondant on YouTube. I have finally made my own fondant and I am so excited that it actually tastes good and was easy to make. My son’s 2nd birthday party is this Saturday and I am making him a cake with fondant. I am excited to try this. I hope it turns out well. I live in Wisconsin so unfortunately, I don’t think I will get to visit your shop any time soon. Your cakes look awesome though! Thanks again!

  21. Kayla Burgess Says:

    where exactly r u located

  22. wanda Says:

    I need a beach themed cake for a wedding reception in October. Do you do beach themed cakes? And if so what is the cost?

  23. Hi. Yes, we do beached themed cakes for weddings. As for the cost, I would need to know how many guests you would like to serve and the exact design. We do offer complimentary consultations and tastings. Call the shop at 859-238-9393. Thank you, Pam

  24. Heather Says:

    Hi Pam,
    I was wondering about how much it would cost to get a wedding cake from the twisted sifter. We are looking for a 3 or 4 tier cake in either white or chocolate, with butter cream icing and fondant. We need the cake to feed between 150-200 people. Can you tell me about how much that would run?
    Thank you,

  25. Hi Heather,

    Can you please call me at the shop? I have a few questions to ask before I’m able to price a cake for you. 859-238-9393

    Thank you,


  26. thesagicollection Says:

    hi, i recently came in & enjoyed your delish cupcakes. you can view my post on the yummy treat here
    also, here are some pics, let me know if you would like the images :), i couldnt find an email to send them to.

  27. Lynne Heizer Says:

    Dear Pam, My name is Lynne Heizer, I am a hobbiest by trade. I see that on one of your creations you had put royal blue gerber daisy’s on the cake. Here is my dalima, I am in need of royal blue silk gerber daisys for a September wedding in Tenn. By chance, do you have an idea as to where I may purchase them. Thanks you for your time.

  28. Hi Lynne,

    The blue daisies were actually real gerbers that were strayed blue by the florist.

  29. Pat Says:

    Hi Pam, I’ve been looking for a cake for a Type 1 Diabetic and I was wondering if you all make anything? Thanks!

  30. Trina Corda Says:

    First I must say that I absolute love your name….My generation. I have a question for you and I hope you can help me out. I have a small cake business in California and I have a client that wants a swirled pattern on her buttercream cake. Could you please help me out and tell me how you go about getting the even swirl look? Yours are the best I have seen and I hope you can help me out.
    Thanks so much
    Petaluma Cake Company

  31. Hi Trina,

    I’m not sure if you are referring to swirled color or a textured buttercream. If it’s a swirl color, I use both the white buttercream and the color on the spatula at the same time. If it is just texture, I use the same motion with the spatula over and over.

    I hope I was able to help.


  32. Hi Pat,

    We do make sugar free cakes and we have several flavors available. Please call the shop and we can help you with your order.

    Thank you,

    Pam 🙂

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