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Fondant Whimsical Birthday Cake May 15, 2009

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This 40 and fabulous marshmallow  fondant whimsical birthday cake is three tiers of various flavors – 1st white cake with raspberry filling, 2nd is red velvet with cream cheese and 3rd is a chocolate with chocolate ganache.

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Baby Shower Cake and Cupcakes May 14, 2009

baby shower cake harrodsburg danville nicholasville lexington frankfort

This delightful baby shower polka dot white cake has a bavarian cream and fresh strawberry filling. The cupcakes are mandarin orange, chocolate and butter.

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Pink and White Fondant Cake/Cupcakes May 4, 2009

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The communion cake is a white (more…)


Wizard of OZ cake wins first place April 27, 2009

We did it! The Wizard of Oz cake created for the Lexington Children’s Theater 70th Birthday bash cake contest won 1st place. Cindy Simmons and I worked until 4:30 am Saturday morning to put the finishing touches on the Oz cake and at 9:00 am we loaded it into the suv for the nerve racking hour drive to Lexington. The cake as a whole, took about 45 hours to create from start to finish and weighed approximately 80lbs.

The cake was constructed on a free form piece of plywood covered in fondant. The cakes were held in place and a pedestal was created for the top layer out of galvanized water pipe and plywood. All of the characters are made from marshmallow fondant and edible. The tornado or cyclone as it’s referred to in the movie, was created out of rice crispy treats and covered in white chocolate tinted with food coloring. The bottom layer of the cake that represents the Land of Oz is a chocolate cake with a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie filling and iced with chocolate buttercream. The next layer representing Dorothy’s meeting of the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man is a strawberry cake with a fresh strawberry filling, iced with cream cheese frosting. The Emeral City (made from old fashion candy sticks) cake is a spice cake with a fresh apple filling and iced with a cream cheese frosting.

The event generated over $2000 dollars for the theater, not including the proceeds from the silent auction of the cakes. The Oz cake sold for $225.00 and a few others were in the $100 dollar range.

Many thanks to all of the Children’s Theater volunteers who helped us during the event.


Paris Eiffel Tower Cake April 24, 2009


This Paris Eiffel Tower themed welcome home cake was two different flavors decorated in Parisian colors. The top layer was a white cake with lemon filling and the lower layer was a white cake with an English custard. The Eiffel Towers were made from royal icing and outlined in edible marker.

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Bridal Shower Cupcakes


These pretty bridal shower cupcakes were a delicious dark chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache and the white cake cupcakes have a fresh lemon filling and are iced with a fresh lemon buttercream. All of the cupcakes are decorated with marshmallow fondant daisies.

To order cupcakes, call The Twisted Sifter Cake Shoppe at (859) 285-0306.


The Littlest Petshop Birthday Cake – Bunny April 19, 2009


This delish strawberry cake, with fresh strawberry filling is iced with cream cheese frosting. The cake was for a little girl’s fifth birthday party. The girl loves The Littlest Petshop pink bunny because of her starry eyes.

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