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The Twisted Sifter Website February 16, 2011


10 Responses to “The Twisted Sifter Website”

  1. Courtney Says:

    How soon should i start picking my wedding cake? I’m not getting married until next year but I want to search around for the perfect cake! How soon is too soon to do a consultation?

  2. Hi Courtney,


    If your date is early next year you should start now. Alot of bakeries, including ours are already booking weddings into next summer.

  3. Stephanie Kaspar Says:


    I just discovered your homepage & blog and I totally fell in love with everything you do!
    Keep up the good work and uploading pictures!
    (Since I live in Europe, visiting your shop is difficult at the moment…)

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  4. crquarles@aol.con Says:

    Pam.. My daughter & I missed seeing you at the wedding show in Frankfort this past Sunday,February 19.Hope you are feeling better.
    We would like to come up with some times that we can both meet to discuss a wedding cake.
    Cathy Quarles

  5. Diane Sidney Says:

    Thank you for your tut on Rolled Fondant, but I want to know when do you add the flavoring, you said substitute for water, but, when is it added?

  6. Hi Diane,

    Just add the flavoring when you begin to mix in the heated marshmallows to the powder sugar.

  7. Karen Says:

    Love the fondant tutorial – can you tell me approximately how many pounds of fondant one recipe makes? Love your work it is incredible!

  8. KIm White Says:

    Hi, We have some wonderful pics of the cakes you made for my daughters wedding. If you would like to see them on the picture website, let me know and I’ll send you the link. You made 3 cakes for 10/27/12 at the Ashley Inn. They were beautiful and quite tasty!

  9. shoo fly pie Says:

    Love your cupcake flavors BUT I think the ratio of cupcake to frosting is off. I’m a cake lover and would jump for joy to see a cupcake that is 3/4 cake and 1/4 frosting. Generally, even though I love the flavor of the icing I slice off and throw away 70% of it. Please make a super cake cupcake for us cake lovers 🙂

  10. Hi,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    If you know that you will be visiting the shop on a particular day, you can call ahead and we would be glad to ice your cupcakes specifically to your liking. 859-238-9393



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