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Blue Gerber Daisy Fondant Wedding Cake – Parksville, KY September 5, 2009

blue gerber daisy angleblue gerber daisy topperblue gerber daisy chruch

This beautiful blue Gerber daisy and yellow miniature rose cake was created for a wedding that was held in Parksville, KY at the Alum Springs First Church of God. The cake was 3 tiers with a dusty blue satin ribbon and light yellow ribbon. The cakes were chocolate with chocolate ganache and one layer was a white cake with a lemon filling. The cake stand was provided by Jr’s General Store on 4th Street in Danville, KY.

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2 Responses to “Blue Gerber Daisy Fondant Wedding Cake – Parksville, KY”

  1. Cindy Says:

    How elegant, I love Gerber Daisys, had them in my wedding too, great job!!!!

  2. Brad Says:

    D-lovely, D-licious, D-lightful, D-lectable.

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