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Fondant Beach Surfing Birthday Cake August 11, 2009

surf cakeAvery

This fondant cake was created for a girl’s 5th birthday pool party. The cake is 3 layers covered in fondant. The cake was accompanied by 24 cupcakes decorated with starfish and flowers.

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3 Responses to “Fondant Beach Surfing Birthday Cake”

  1. Avery G. Says:

    I loved my birthday cake. It was a huge hit. It was a declicious cake. I just love the cakes you make. I would love to taste all your cakes. I hope you will make my cake on my birthday when I turn six.

    Avery Gillespie, Age 5

  2. Cindy Says:

    Waaayyyy too fun, Barbie on the beach, love it!!

  3. julie Says:

    I wanted to say thank you ! I saw your video on youtube about marshmallow fondant. I did just as you said and it turned out wonderful ! I love your idea of crisco in the mix, brilliant idea !! anyway, the flip flops and surfboards i made for my daughters 7th bday pool party will be super ! thank you

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